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Our Faith Statement

Barak Christian Church is united with the Church Universal beginning at Pentecost in the Book of Acts and expressing itself historically through the statements of the Councils, Church Fathers and Mothers and the historical events that have helped define Christian faith. Because we believe that the Church is universal in its faith (Ephesians 4:4-6), we

affirm that there are four sources for understanding and expressing Christian faith.

We believe that the Bible is the primary and normative source for receiving the revelation of God in Jesus Christ.

We believe that experience is a necessary source for understanding faith in God as revealed in Jesus Christ.

Reason is the means in which the faith revealed in the Bible and in experience is made understandable.


Tradition or the historical insights of the Church or churches made available in creeds, hymns, actions, histories or other preserved

memories is the means by which the Church preserves its memories for succeeding generations of the faithful.


In formulating what we believe, the Bible, experience, reason and tradition are the sources through which we encounter the God of our faith. We are not a creedal or doctrinal church. We are a church of the faithful. We believe that what is to be believed is based on our relationship with Jesus Christ who is the norm for all of the sources by which we encounter and understand his revelation (Ephesians 1:22). We teach and strive for a vital and vibrant spiritual connection with the Spirit of Jesus as we encounter him through Grace and by faith.

We believe in the Trinitarian God.


We believe in the reality of sin.

Salvation is the victory of God on the cross against the evil that is personified as the devil. We believe that there is a spiritual power that opposes God and seduces humans to serve its ends.

Grace working through faith saves us. Grace is the love of God. Faith is its creation and brings us to believe, to hope, to trust God and to obey. Faith can take on many expressions that define our relationship with God. We believe that the resurrection of Jesus is the means by which God makes available the power of victory on the cross over death and the evil one to all who grace calls to relationship with God.

Life After Death

We believe in eternal life. A primary focus of faith is the victory of life over death.

We believe that God will win victory over evil (Revelations) and reconcile the creation to God’s self.

The Church

We believe that the Church is the means by which God is present to continue the work of Jesus Christ.

We believe that there are two sacraments - Baptism and Communion.


We believe in ecumenism.

We believe in the universal God, who is found in other religions.

We believe in the gifts of the Spirit and the five-fold expression of the Spirit.

​Worship, mission, evangelization and transformation (nurture) are the primary functions of the Church’s presence in the world.

We believe that women are called to be leaders in ministry.

We believe that the congregational form of church structure is the best way of organizing for ministry.

Social Stances

We affirm the right of all humans to dignity, life, justice, self-determination and physical welfare. We condemn racism, discrimination, economic exploitation, sexism, classism and environmental destruction.


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