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Relationships ministries are ministries that address the personal, social and familial relationships of people. Included in this ministry are ministries to children, youth, young adults and seasoned adults. Our goal is to enable a healthy community through healthy relationships. In order to facilitate this we offer educational opportunities that deal with singles, married couples and individuals who suffer from broken relationships. We believe the most important relationship that must be healed is the relationship with Jesus Christ.  Barak partners with community partners to do seminars, social events, workshops and sponsor initiatives. Healing is our goal in relationship ministries.

There are several components to this ministry objective.  We reach out to persons who have been broken by churches.  We seek to enable spiritual recovery for persons who have been hurt by church.  People need recovery from doctrinal suppressions, pastors’ domination, church folks confusion and any other issues that have hurt them.  Recovery is a means of helping people learn how to recover from their own personal sin issues.  We reach out to the alcohol and drug recovery community as well.  We believe that faith and 12 step principles are not contradictory.  Recovery is an inclusive term that is broad enough to include everyone who is in need of God’s Grace in order to live a productive life.  Freedom is our tool for recovery.

How do we identify our "blessing?" Our blessing is identified as Freedom, Healing, and Education. 

How do we experience freedom, healing, and education? We do this through programs of Relationships, Recovery, and Re-entry.

Like the prodigal son, people have a need to be welcomed back into the Christian and social community.  Re-entry provides services to people that will help them to re-enter the church and society after living a broken life.  We provide an opportunity to get it right with Jesus Christ as our savior.  We also provide programs for persons who have been to prison.  We welcome everyone to our church that has been lost.  Education is our means of doing re-entry.  Re-entry includes the saints who have backslid as well as those who have been to prison.

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