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God has given us an Acts 6 vision. We must be a ministry where every partner is active in kingdom work.

Our pastoral leaders are to be educated and ordained so they can empower and equip the saints with wisdom, knowledge and understanding (Ephesians 4:12). We do not adhere to any separation of clergy and laity. We use the terms, Acts 6 servants and partners to describe our partnership. We have ministry functions: prayer and word, and service. The ministry of prayer and word (the ordinate) is for those who have been called and set apart to lead this area. The general ministry of service (deaconate and diaconate) is a ministry of service to the gospel of Jesus Christ. In response, we will have a school for those called to the ministry of preaching and set apart  

leadership. We will provide educational training for the deaconate and the diaconate. Our vision is one of radical equality in 

everything we do. We will practice equality between men and women, adults and children, poor and rich, and black and white. 

People of all races and backgrounds will become part of Barak.


God has given us a John 3:16 ministry. God so loved the world, so do we. We will develop community ministries that address the issues of racism, economics, recovery, prison recidivism and any other social concern that the Lord puts on our hearts. There will be a Jubilee ​celebration each year to liberate people from bondage, debt and slavery so that they may begin new lives of freedom and self-sufficiency.


Just like Solomon who had to build the Lord a house ​(I Kings 5:5), we will have a temple that will reflect the goodness of God and our commitment to serve God and others through our faithfulness.

These are the elements of our vision.


Praises to God and our Lord Jesus Christ!

Barak Christian Church is a spirit-filled Christian community
that exists in order to bring God's blessing to all the
families of the St. Louis Metropolitan area and the World. 

Barak is a ministry of blessing. The vision of Barak is to bring blessing:

by nurturing people, blessing others through its partners, and blessing its

partners so that they are prosperous on earth and go to heaven. Our

objective is to use the tithe blessing to create capital for our tithers and to provide spiritual

and physical food in the house of God for all in need.

God has given us an Acts 1:8 vision. The power of the Holy Spirit is compelling us to go into

Judea, Samaria and all the world. In response, we must develop a ministry of winning souls.

Each of our partners must become a soul winner. We must equip our partners by discovering their

gifts, conducting conferences and seminars for training and providing encouragement and opportunities to reach people.

Blessed to be a Blessing. ​Genesis 12:3 - "I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you."

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