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Rev. Dr. Lynn R. Mims

Co-Pastor, Barak Christian Church

Rev. Dr. Lynn R. Mims

Rev. Dr. Lynn R. Mims was born and raised in Texas.  He was educated in the public schools, graduated from West Texas State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology and Geology and earned masters and doctorate degrees in Theology from Southern Methodist University (SMU), Dallas, Texas.

Dr. Mims has worked for Navajo Freight Lines, detail clerk; Continental Airlines, Customer Service Agent; and Philip’s Petroleum Company, Gasoline Plant Assistant before being called to full-time ministry. Dr. Mims has served United Methodist churches in Texas, Oklahoma and Missouri.  He has taught at Perkins School of Theology and Oklahoma City University.  Dr. Mims has been involved in community activities everywhere he has served.  He has served as precinct chair, community liaison representative, civil rights leader, economic development advisor and ministerial alliance officer in Dallas, Texas.  In Oklahoma City, he served with distinction on the metropolitan area long-range planning task force (2020) and was a chaplain to the workers removing bodies from the Oklahoma City bombing site.

While in St. Louis, Dr. Mims served as pastor of one the leading African-American United Methodist Churches in St. Louis for nine years. While there, he led them in developing a multi-faceted outreach program, which included a child development center, a welfare to work initiative, and a children’s breakfast program.  Dr. Mims organized “Business By the Book” a Sunday morning Bible study that taught persons how to conduct business according to the Bible.

Dr. Mims’ community involvements have been extensive. He founded A New Cornerstone Inc., a faith-based organization that has been a pioneer in involving churches in the welfare to work initiative.  This organization has worked with the Small Business Administration, The Center for Faith Action and Response, ARCHS and other church and community organizations to provide self-sufficiency opportunity for many low income and welfare recipients in the St. Louis area.  Dr. Mims has worked with other religious leaders in the area to provide technical assistance to faith-based organizations interested in child care, welfare to work and community development.  He has served as a planning committee member for the Danforth Foundation’s “I Dare Conference,” which brought together many faith-based organizations to learn and collaborate around community issues.

Dr. Mims has been at the forefront of providing faith-based services to persons who are addicted.  He has organized three narcotics anonymous support groups, which provide counseling and aid to persons who are seeking recovery. Dr. Mims has worked with Acorn and other community organizations on the successful passage of the “Living Wage” voter’s initiative.

Additionally, Dr. Mims is a supporter of the St. Louis Symphony and In Unison Choir. He was a Community Services Commissioner for the State of Missouri. He is active in the St. Louis Public Schools religious outreach forum.  He is a member of the Board of Directors of Better Family Life, Inc.  He has received numerous awards and spoken at colleges and civic events all over the world.  He has traveled to Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, Mexico, Canada and throughout the United States.

In addition to his duties as co-pastor of Barak Christian Church, Dr. Mims teaches as an adjunct professor at Perkins School of Theology and works in developing a plan to reduce recidivism in the St. Louis Metropolitan area. Dr. Mims enjoys jogging, fishing and reading. He is a writer and an avid environmentalist. Dr. Mims is married to the lovely Rev. Stacey A. Mims.  Rev. Stacey, a graduate of Eden Theological Seminary in St. Louis, is his co-partner in ministry. He has one daughter and three grandchildren.

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